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For the 1st semester of AY 2018-2019, I am teaching the following courses in UP Diliman:

Anthro 10 - Bodies, Senses and Humanity
Anthro 235 - Seminar on Culture and Population (Focus on Youth)
Anthro 267 - Advanced Medical Anthropology

Students - former, current, and prospective - are welcome to email me at gideonlasco (a)


Anthropology 10 rethinks the way we look at our bodies, senses, and everyday lives, documenting how biology and culture interact in the shaping of humanity. Using the human body as focus, students will be introduced to the use of anthropological perspectives for social inquiry and analysis.

Course materials are available in this link

Video assignments for August 23:
The whistled language of Oaxaca, Mexico
The family that walks on all fours


This seminar series will focus on young people and the lifeworlds: how do they engage the world and grapple with the challenges of (post)modernity? The course will pay particular attention to the different 'chemicals' that young people use in their everyday lives, using them as a starting point to at a very diverse - but poorly-understood - demographic.

Course materials are available in this link.


Anthropology 267 looks at local health care systems, biomedicine, and the ways in which people deal with their health concerns and body aspirations in their everyday lives - using different anthropological lenses. Taking off from basic concepts like explanatory models of health and illness and using the theoretical apparatus of anthropology and the social sciences at large, the course will cover various topics that relate to health care and the body. The course will also follow the historical development of medical anthropology and familiarise students with contemporary debates within the sub-discipline.

Course materials are available in this link.



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