About me

Gideon Lasco, MD, PhD is a licensed physician, medical anthropologist, writer, and environmental advocate from the Philippines. He received his medical degree from the University of the Philippines College of Medicine in 2010, and completed his MSc Medical Anthropology in the same college in 2014. He earned his PhD in Medical Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam's Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research (AISSR) in May 2017. A Palanca-winning essayist, he also has a weekly column titled "Second Opinion" at the Philippine Daily Inquirer, where he writes about health, culture, society, and politics.

His researches have focused on the traditional and modern ways that various sectors of society utilise to improve their their bodies and their everyday lives. In 2011, he traveled around the Philippines to interview over forty traditional healers from various cultural traditions and observe their ways of healing. From 2012 to 2013, as part the Chemical Youth Project under Prof. Dr. Anita Hardon of the University of Amsterdam, he did ethnographic work on urban poor male youths in a Philippine port community who use various drugs including methamphetamine and cannabis. The topic of his master's thesis, the summary of this work was published in the International Journal of Drug Policy in 2014 (see this link).

In his current research (2013 to present) he is looking at the meaning of height (being tall and being short) and the use of growth supplements among young people in Palawan island in the Western Philippines. For more information about his current research, read this essay.

An advocate of health care for all Filipinos, Dr. Lasco was the Program Coordinator of the Universal Health Care Study Group of the National Institutes of Health (University of the Philippines) from 2011 and 2013. He was one of the authors who produced a special issue of the Philippine medical journal, Acta Medica Philippina which outlines a roadmap for the attainment of universal health coverage in the Philippines.

With the objective of providing health information for Filipinos that is accessible, understandable, and culturally sensitive, Gideon Lasco created Kalusugan.PH, the first and only health website in the Tagalog language, which he continues to maintain. As of December 2016, the website receives 400,000 unique visitors each month.

An advocate for environmental conservation and responsible outdoor recreation, Dr. Lasco is also an environmental champion of the Climate Reality Project Philippines and an ambassador of World Wide Fund for Nature Philippines. In 2015, as a member of the Global Shapers Community Manila Hub, Dr. Lasco initiated and became project leader of Walk Manila, an ongoing initiative to make Metro Manila a more walkable city, for which he received the Bayanihan sa Daan award from the Office of the President.

During his free time, Gideon Lasco pursues his hobby of hiking/mountain climbing. He is also the author of PinoyMountaineer.com, the Lonely Planet-recommended guide to hiking in the Philippines, recognised as the Best Sports and Recreation Blog in the Philippines at the Philippine Blogging Awards 2015. Gideon has also written travel and adventure articles for various magazines and websites, including Action Asia Magazine and Yahoo! Philippines.

Updated May 2017